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silent hitories  -supreme court edition-

The indiscriminate bombing by U.S.forces during the Pacific War massacred 330,000 and left 430,000 Japanese citizens injured. More than 9.7 million citizens were left homeless as 2.23 million houses were, and over 200 cities were damaged. In this enormous damage, a girl lost her left foot at the age of six, and a fire bomb left a baby's foot in flames two hours after her birth.  Another boy was burned over his entire body, as well as losing all six of his family members in a flash and becoming an orphan.

Japan brought about its economic recovery in the wake of wartime devastation. Such remarkable growth was even called "Japanese economic miracle". In contrast to the historically lustrous economic growth, children with wounds of war were forced to live a harsh life, unable to cure their wounds.

They have lived in the shadows, trying to hide their scars and avoid causing someone trouble by being visible, trying hard to cover their pain.  This book gives voice to their histories which were kept silent for 69 years.


All images taken by Kazuhiko Matsumura

Text and Photo by Kazuma Obara

Art direction/editorial coordination by Jan Rossell, Yumi Goto
*Signed (45 editions -- all editioned/sold out)  *JPY 18,000
*257mmx182mm *162 pages *English / Japanese
*printing and binding by the author, Kazuma Obara


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"Special feature of the book"

Tweed Cover...It was almost impossible for many victims who injured their legs by aerial bombing as full-time worker. So they did sewing work. They could earned money by themselves and could be independent. This work also enable them to hide in public and work inside their apartment.

Cover photo...The family portrait which was covered by a square of white paper was handed by Ms.Yoshida. She became a orphan after bombing. it was a photo of deceased people, with everyone in the photo except Ms. Yoshida having passed away. She hide her own face, because she is still not die.
Replica of physical disability certificate Japanese government gives no apology or compensation for the things the victims lost in the war over the past 69 years. Only this certificate provide the some discount of public services. In this book, four certificates were insert.

Old pictures...Author collected more than 130 their personal pictures which were taken from before World War Two.
Replica of Propaganda Magazine : Between 1938 and 1948, Japanese government published propaganda magazine. There were 370 total issues. In this photo book, 3 replica issues are inserted. These propaganda magazines show citizens how to protect themselves from aerial bombing.
Edition of 45. This hand made photobook was made in an edition of 45. Number 45 was derived 1945, the year second world war ended.

This book is shortlisted for the 2014 Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation First Photo Book Award.


"Book Review"
Snapshots, class photos, and views of Japanese cities in 1945 and today, as well as Obara's recent portraits of each person, are interspersed with pull-out replicas of government disability cards and wartime magazines. "I'm surprised that it was possible to publish this book, considering its very complicated printing," says Mutsuko Ota. "Because it includes bureaucratic and personal pictures as well as propaganda, it shows photography's many roles".    

- Paris Photo Aperture Foundation photo book award 2014 book review -

"So ultimately the book is about making visible the scars and pain of war, of recognising the suffering that civilians go through everywhere, and ending all wars. It's a dream, but it's a good one, delivered in outstanding powerful fashion."

- Colin Pantall / Journalist and Photographer

Proposal for the "Silent histories" trade edition production.
Author Kazuma Obara is now looking for the publisher whichi is interested in publishment for
silent histories "traded edition" in 2015, the year of 70 years aniversaly of the end of World War Two.
He desires to publish this book from outside of Japan, because this is not a story rerated to only Japan. In Previous edition(It sold out very quickly), he published edition of 45 whose number was derived the year second world war ended.  He thinks to pubsil another 1900 copies. If you are interested in publishment, please contact me anytime.  





Hand made photobook "silent histories" by Kazuma Obara from Kazuma Obara on Vimeo.

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