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April 2018, Istanbul, Turkey / FUAM Photobook Workshop #8

  • 2018/02/9

FUAM Photobook Workshop #8

Official Link: http://fuamproject.com/en/?p=1787

Dummies // Finding Your Own Way of Storytelling

By Kazuma Obara

24-29 April 2018

Deadline: 23 March 2018

Photo book is a tangible object which enable photographers to do storytelling with various elements not only photos and texts but also paper, format, binding, weight and smell. Every single tiny details of a book has meanings and stimulate readers’ five senses that help them to go deep into the story. Therefore, a person who makes the photo book has to know all reasons of the choices. A process to make a dummy photo book brings enormous awareness to you to understand what you do in your photography and how to create the physical book.

Through this intensive 6 days workshop, you will understand the way to find your own story and concept, the way to bring your ideas into the book format, the way to make a handmade dummy book. This handmade process enable you to challenge various book designs without any restriction and expand the possibility to tell your story.

As a photographer, Obara has been making more than 60 handmade dummy books from research stage to closing stage during his own documentary projects to find a right way of storytelling. Those processes have been helping him to create unique multiple layered photo books. Obara will share this ideas and lead the workshop with his huge passion to make your dummy books.