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AMSTERDAM, PARIS, TOKYO Touring Exhibition / Beyond 2020 by Japanese Photographersに参加

  • 2019/09/6


Since 2013, IMA Media Project has been organizing, the exhibition “LUMIX MEETS BEYOND2020 by Japanese Photographers”, a yearly special collaboration project with Panasonic/LUMIX, aiming to support young artists leading the contemporary photography world in Japan. This is our 7th year, and just like every previous year, we are organizing this exhibition in coordination with international photography festivals in Amsterdam, Tokyo, and Paris. This time, with the theme “Over to another parallel world”, we present to you the contemporary photography works, born within the diversity of the modern times.

The world keeps changing by the second and bears along, new problems and new values. We are in 2019, the future that seemed to have only existed in science-fiction is only a few steps away. The emerging artists called by the name of the Millennials are dashing through this age, tossed about in this world that evolves at a high speed, trying to frantically grapple with these changes.

This year IMA media project has once again, selected 6 emerging photographers to take part in this exhibition. Naoyuki Hata reinterprets the things that we are used to see daily, through a completely new perspective, as if using a special trick. Ayako Ishiba recreates a different non-existent space merely by tracing the contours of banal objects. So Miysua reconstructs a parallel world that hides within our ordinary lives and questions the properties of the things that we see. These three artists will be showing new works taken especially for this exhibition using the LUMIX S1R. Three other artsists, Kazuma Obara, Maiko Okada and Hayahisa Tomiyasu will also join the show. In this time when our values become more and more diverse, these artists chose to face our history and are attempting to find new forms of expression in photography. The world they see is neither the preexisting reality nor fiction anymore, it is another parallel world. What would be the magic spell to open the doors to this new dimension? Why should we not try to find our own magic “Open Sesame” in photography?

Special Sponsorship: Panasonic



IMA メディアプロジェクトは、パナソニック株式会社 / LUMIX特別協賛のもと、これからの日本のアートフォトをリードする若手写真家の支援と育成を目指し、2013年より「LUMIX MEETS BEYOND2020 by Japanese Photographers」展を企画してきました。第7回目となる今年も、アムステルダム、東京、パリの3都市で各地の写真フェスティバルなどとも連携しながら、本展を開催します。「もうひとつのパラレルワールドへ」とテーマを掲げ、現代だからこそ生まれた多様な写真世界を紹介します。


今年もIMA メディアプロジェクトが選出した6名の新鋭が参加。普段見ているものをまるでトリックのように新しく再提示する畑直幸、ものの輪郭をなぞることでもうひとつの世界を作りだす石場文子、日常に潜むパラレルワールドを写真によって構築し、私たちが見ているものを問い直す三ツ谷想の3名は、LUMIXのデジタル一眼ミラーレスカメラ「S1R」を用いた撮り下ろし作品を発表します。その他に小原一真、岡田舞子、富安隼久が加わります。価値観が多様化していく中で、歴史と向き合い、新たな表現を探る彼らが見るのは、現実とも空想ともつかないもうひとつのパラレルワールド。そこへの扉を開く呪文は何でしょうか? 写真言語の「開けゴマ」を見つけてみませんか?


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会場:Galerie Nicolas Deman
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