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silent hisotires

Silent Histories is a testimony to the tragedy of indiscriminate bombing by US forces during the War in the Pacific, which killed 330,000 Japanese and in-jured 430,000 more. The figures are imposing: some 9.7 million left homeless and more than 2.23 million homes destroyed in more than 200 different cities. In the midst of this enormous destruction, many children were orphaned in an instant or suffered burning or mutilations that marked them for life.

Japan achieved its economic recovery in the wake of wartime devastation. This remarkable growth has been dubbed the "Japanese economic miracle." In spite of this unprecedented prosperity, however, children with war injuries have been forced to live harsh lives, unable to cure their wounds. They have lived in the shadows, concealing their pain, hiding their scars, and sparing others the discomfort of seeing them.

Silent Histories was originally published in 2014 in a special limited edition of forty-five handmade copies.

[Silent Histories]
Kazuma Obara (photographs)
162 pages
217 images
10.1 × 7.1 in
Design: Jan Rosseel, Yumi Goto, Kazuma Obara
English edition
ISBN RM Verlag 978-84-16282-30-2


PRICE: 9500 JPY + shipping cost(Europe/America +2500 yen/Japan +1000 yen)
Please send me a message to kazuma924(at)gmail.com. And please put your name, address, contact number.
I will send the link which is able to pay the copy via Paypal.
The mail will be sent to you within 3 days after receiving your mail.

Award/ Nomination

Nominated Arles Author Book Award 2016
Nominated Kassel Photobook Festival Best Photobook 2015
Nominated Best Photobook of Photo Espana 2016 TIME Best Photobooks 2014
Shortlisted for Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation Photobook Awards 2014
Claxton Project -The fourteen photobook highlight of 2014
LensCulture Editor's - 2014 Photobooks of the Year
Telegraph My favourite photo books of 2014 by Photo editor Cheryl Newman
Photo eye -Best books of 2014 by Colin pantall
Photo eye -Best Books 2014 by Manik Katyal

Book Review

So ultimately the book is about making visible the scars and pain of war, of recognising the suffering that civilians go through everywhere, and ending all wars. It's a dream, but it's a good one, delivered in outstanding powerful fashion.
—Colin Pantall

This award-winning hand-made book presents an immersive and highly moving collection of "silent histories" of six injured survivors of the bombings of Japan in WWII — visual storytelling and book design at its best.
—LensCulture, with primary notes and comments by Yumi Goto

Less about the tragedy of the war and what America did, Silent Histories is a poignant anti-war book about how and why we forget, but also how we can heal and move forward. Cities can be rebuilt and the dead are gone, but the physical and emotional scars remain and can't be pushed aside. They need to remain visible so we don't forget. Sadly, it should not take an art book to remind us of this awful truth.
—photo-eye blog, Adam Bell

As an artist (photographer, writer, painter, …) all you can hope for is that there will be enough people who might pause, and then enough people who might learn something or decide to change their minds, however hard this might be as one ages. As an artist, I believe, you also have the duty to make those materials available, such as this book, so that people will have that option. This is what Obara has done here. Not more, but certainly not less.
—Conscientious Photography Magazine, Jörg M. Colberg

I cannot easily put into words how much I love this book. It's made as a testament to the suffering of 430,000 civilians who were injured during the American bombing of Japan during the Second World War. The books tell the deeply personal stories of survival and mistreatment by the Japanese government to compensate its victims, which has been hidden for the past 69 years.
—The Telegraph, My favourite photo books of 2014, Cheryl Newman on the photography books that caught her eye

(All book images were taken by Kazuhiko Matsumura)

Silent Histories, Kazuma Obara, Editorial RM from Kazuma Obara on Vimeo.