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Tsunami/ Japan, 2011

Fukushima/ Japan, 2011

Portrait of Fukushima Nuclear Labor/2011

Under the Blue/ Vietnam, 2012

Nomaoi/ Fukushima, 2013

Silent Histories/ Japan, 2014

Exposure/ Chernobyl, 2015-16

Everlasting/ Chernobyl, 2015-16

Bikini Diaries/ Japan, 2016




Reset Beyond Fukushima/ 2012

Under the Blue/ 2013

Silent Histories/ 2014/2015

六十九年ノ沈黙/ 2014

New Japanese History Book/ 2015

30 /2016

Bikini Diary/ 2016




«Dummy Photobook»

[Workshop with Kazuma Obara 27 – 30 June 2017 (4 days) in Zurich]

A photobook, like every book, has a beginning and an end. It tells a story from the first to the last page. It has a book cover and can sometimes be found lying around openly. The photo book has a format and the pictures have a sequence. The photobook has a title and perhaps the pictures have a caption, but maybe not. The book in your hand and its dimension is already the first reference to the story told in it ... Kazuma Obara is a Japanese photographer and makes handmade photo books. KEYSTONE is pleased to announce a four-day workshop «Dummy Photobook» with Kazuma Obara. The call for application is for professional photographers, but also for people who are working on a photo project and are looking for ideas about the procedure and the finalization of their photographic project and would like to tell their story in a photo book. Photos by Kazuma Obara The participants will learn how to create a photo book in four days. In the workshop, the participants learn to develop their own project specifically for the presentation form of the printed photo book and will make a photo- book, a dummy, by themselves.The realization of such a dummy implies a process that not only deals with the book format, the nature of the cover and the paper, but also the layout, the typography and the form of the binding. It is usually a process that helps to clarify the direction of the project and its storytelling.

[Organiser link]
Swiss Photo agency Keystone workshop



Kazuma Obara (Japan, 1985) is a photographer based in Japan. In his projects Obara sets the focus on hidden victims of society. His work on the tsunami in Japan was published in the photo book «Reset Beyond Fukushima» by Lars Müller Publishers, Switzerland, 2012.
His engagement with the victims of the Second World War in Japan led to the handmade photo book «Silent History», which was shortlisted for the Paris Photo / Aperture Photobook Award in 2014. The book was also selected by TIME, Lens Culture, and by Telegraph as Best Photo Book 2014. Of this book, Kazuma Obara has produced 45 handmade copies. In 2015 Editorial RM, a Spanish editor, published the book in an edition of 1900 copies. The latter version was nominated several times in 2016 as Best Photo Book, such as Arles Photobook Author Award and Kassel Best Photobook.
The Japanese photographer is currently involved in three different projects with three different types of dummy books. Photos by Kazuma Obara
Kazuma Obara studied photojournalism and documentary photography at the London College of Communication in 2015. Through his exploration of nuclear issues in Japan, he also dealt with the victims of the nuclear disaster of 1986 in Chernobyl. His work «Exposure», realized on location in the Ukraine, which he published as a handmade artist's book in 2016, was awarded World Press Photo 2016 (1st prize category «Portraits of People»). Editorial RM will publish this book in 2017 as a trade edition.




[Location] KEYSTONE, Foyer, 4th Floor, Grubenstrasse 45, 8045 Zurich
[Workshop dates] June 27 – 30, 2017 (4 days)
[Application deadline] June 18, 2017
[Workshop fee] CHF 950.- incl. VAT, does not include travel costs, accommodation, meals.
[Number of participants] 8
[Language] English

Participants will be informed in advance about the tools necessary for the workshop (computer, cutter, etc.). The workshop is aimed at professional photographers who are working on a photo project or have already finished it and want to produce their own photo book. Other photography enthusiasts as equally welcome to apply. The workshop will be held in English.




[Organiser link]
Swiss Photo agency Keystone workshop

To apply please send a PDF-document to workshops@keystone.ch by Sunday, June 18, 2017. The PDF should not exceed 6MB, be written in English and include:

(CV listing education and training as a photographer)
(Brief motivation letter explaining why you would like to participate in the workshop)
[Photo Book Project]
(Portfolio with a sequence of 8-12 images from a reportage or a series)

For any questions and for further information please contact us at workshops@keystone.ch (please memo «Dummy Photobook»).





Tuesday, 27 June 2017, Day 1

Part 1: Lecture Kazuma Obara speaks about his work and explains what brought him to produce handmade books.
Part 2: Discussion Presentation and discussion of the participant's projects.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017, Day 2

Part 1: Concept
Part 2: Realisation
Part 3: Layout
Participants edit their first own project.
Production of a first dummy using folded A4 paper and adhesive tape. The story is given a beginning and an end.
The layout is implemented in Adobe InDesign. Production of a second dummy. Review of the arranged order and the storytelling.

Thursday, 29 June 2017, Day 3

Part 1: Fundament
Part 2: Storytelling
Part 3: Book
Basics for the production of a handmade book.
Re-edit the content and think about paper, cover and format.
Production of a third dummy.

Friday, 30 June 2017, Day 4

Part 1: Book Completion of the third dummy.
Part 2: Discussion The participants present and discuss their dummy.

Monday, 3 July 2017, Presentation at SCHWARZER MONTAG

From 6:30 pm the participants of the workshop «Dummy Photobook» will present their first handmade photo book at SCHWARZER MONTAG, a platform for photography in Zurich.



Hand made photobook "silent histories" by Kazuma Obara from Kazuma Obara on Vimeo.

30 by Kazuma Obara from Kazuma Obara on Vimeo.

Kazuma Obara - Exposure from LensCulture on Vimeo.